Ranajit Sengupta - sarod, Mainak Banerjee - tabla, Eva Hlinková - tanpura, Divadlo Kampa, Praha, 2019

Upcoming events

DateArtistEvent typeVenue
23.11.2021Carsten Wicke / Balázs VirághKoncert rudra vina / pakhawajDivadlo Kampa, Praha
26.11.2021 - 28.11.2021Carsten Wickedhrupad workshopŠkola jógy, Bašť

Past events

DateArtistEvent typeVenue
10.9.2021Arjun Verma / Florian Schiertz / Eva Hlinkováconcert sitar / tablaDivadlo Kampa, Praha
9.9.2021 - 12.9.2021Arjun Verma / Florian Schiertzsitar / tabla workshopŠkola jógy, Bašť
3.12.2020 19:30Sebastian Dreyerconcert sitáronline z Divadla Kampa
1.10. 2020Carsten Wicke / Balázs Virághconcert rudra veena / pakhawajA Studio Rubín, Praha 1
2.10.2020 - 4.10.2020Carsten Wickedhrupad workshopŠkola jógy, Bašť
12.11.2019Sumeet Anand Pandey / Balázs Virághconcert vocal / pakhawajHimalayan Centre Potala, Prague
7.11. 2019Ranajit Sengupta / Mainak Banerjeeconcert sarod / tablaDivadlo Kampa, Praha
11.10.2019 - 13.10. 2019 Florian Schiertztabla workshopŠkola jógy, Bašť
19.4.2019 - 21.4.2019Arjun Vermasitar workshopŠkola jógy, Bašť
19.4.2019 - 20.4.2019Florian Schiertztabla workshopŠkola jógy, Bašť
18.4.2019Arjun Verma / Florian Schiertz / Eva Hlinkováconcert sitar / tablaDivadlo Kampa, Praha
20.10.2018 - 21.10.2018 Florian Schiertztabla workshopŠkola jógy, Bašť
14.4.2018 - 17.4.2018Arjun Vermasitar workshopŠkola jógy, Bašť
13.4.2018Arjun Verma / Florian Schiertz / Eva Hlinkováconcert sitar / tabla / tanpuraKostel Husova sboru, Praha

What is Indian classical music?

Indian classical music belongs to the oldest continuously developing artistic forms of mankind. In its traditional, authentic style it is deeply related to the teachings of nāda yoga, in which the whole universe is understood as a field of sound vibrations. By means of ancient teachings the Indian classical music applies knowledge of impact of various sound frequencies on our body and mind in order to achieve their harmonization, integration of inner micro-cosmos with outer macro-cosmos.

A key concept in the Indian classical music is rāga, musical form or pattern which resists a simple definition, in which strict rules of its interpretation are magically combined with high degree of performer’s improvisation. Given rāga should evoke specific feelings in the listener, it should tune him/her emotionally – to this end each rāga uses its own tonal set, depending on the time of day and year. Most rāgas are thus associated with specific daytime in which they are supposed to be experienced in order to maximize their effect on the listener’s body and mind.

Concept of rāgas, rhythmic complexity, high number of musical modes (which probably inspired creation of modal jazz), connection between rāga and the daytime, various exotic musical instruments, absence of harmony as we understand it, just intonation, or common use of microtones – these characteristics constitute Indian classical music an interesting counterpart to the western tradition.

About Us

Sargam – Indian classical music society originated at the beginning of 2018 as a non-governmental non-profit organization initiated by the former students of world-known sitarist and nāda yogi Roop Verma, who influenced his students by wonderful ability to combine musical education with spiritual teachings of the East, thereby outlining a possibility of path towards Truth through the music to many Czech people. Basic mission of our organization is to share this joy with as many people in the Czech lands as possible.

So far, our activities have been financially supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture and by the Municipalities of Prague 6 district and Prague 1 district. Events that we organize are also publicly promoted by the Embassy of India in the Czech Republic.

Statutes of the association (Czech language only in pdf)


Sargam – Indian classical music society

CRN: 068 35 171
Address: Uralská 769/4, 160 00 Praha 6 - Bubeneč
File number: L 69765 kept at the Municipal Court in Prague

Bank account (Fio banka):
2901403471 / 2010

Chairman of the association:
Alexandr Zubov
Phone: +420 777 295 473
E-mail: info @ sargam.cz

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